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OraES11g:DSA Oracle Entitlements Server 11g: Develop Secure Applications

Oracle Course Description:
The student learns to use Oracle Entitlements Server 11g to implement their authorization policy designs, create and manage authorization policies that implement role-based authorization through to more fine-grained authorization capabilities. While the Oracle Entitlements Server 11g is pre-installed in the practice environment, the course covers how to install and configure components of the architecture to implement a variety of deployment topologies.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator,Application Developers,Architect,System Integrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Basic Java programming skills,Familiarity with OIM systems developing OIM solutions,Familiarity with web application fundamentals and Eclipse,Familiarity with Oracle WLS installation administration
Course Content:
  • Overview of Identity Management and Authorization Concepts

    • Describing Identity Management Concepts
    • Explaining How OES 11g Fits in the Identity Management Space

  • Overview of Oracle Entitlements Server 11g

    • Describing Oracle Entitlements Server 11g
    • Discussing the Oracle Entitlements Server 11g Architecture
    • Exploring OES 11g Deployment Topologies
    • Identifying Access Control Standards
    • Describing Oracle Entitlements Server 11g Installation

  • Introduction to Policy Modeling

    • Identifying and Describing the Components of an OES Policy
    • Describing How OES Policy Objects Map to Each Other
    • Mapping Business Security Requirements to OES Policies
    • Explaining How the OES Authorization Engine Enforces and Processes a Policy Set

  • Administering and Managing Policies

    • Accessing the Authorization Policy Manager (APM)
    • Navigating the APM User Interface
    • Creating and Managing Security Objects with the APM
    • Registering a Security Module With an Application
    • Distributing and Testing Policies

  • Lifecycle Management for Applications and Policies

    • Importing and Exporting Policies (Policy Migration)
    • Managing System Configuration
    • Managing Policy Distribution
    • Creating Delegate Administrators

  • Working with API to Implement Basic Integration

    • Writing Code to Enforce Role-based Authorization Policies
    • Writing Code to Enforce Authorization Policies that Use Constraints With Attributes
    • Writing Code that Implements Obligations
    • Writing Code to Create a Simple Policy Using the OES Management API (MAPI)
    • Creating Secure Web Applications by Using JSP Tags
    • Extending OES with Custom Attribute Retrievers and Functions

  • Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

    • Debugging Products and Policies
    • Enabling Logging for Products and Policies
    • Improving Application Authorization Performance