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OraHFR1112EP Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting 11.1.2 for Essbase Planning

Oracle Course Description:
This course will teach you how to create and manage reports with Financial Reporting. You'll use Essbase or Planning as the data source.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Reports Developer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Basic Microsoft Windows skills,Basic knowledge of Essbase or Planning data sources
Course Content:
  • Financial Reporting Overview

    • Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System
    • Oracle’s BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
    • Financial Reporting Features and Architecture
    • Financial Reporting Data Sources

  • Navigating Reports in Workspace

    • Workspace Overview
    • Navigating Workspace
    • Previewing Reports
    • Setting Preferences
    • Printing Reports and Snapshots

  • Interacting with Reports in Workspace

    • Creating, Viewing, and Replying to Annotations
    • Integrating Reports into Microsoft Office Applications

  • Navigating Reports in Reporting Studio

    • Working with Reporting Studio
    • Opening Reports
    • Previewing and Printing Reports

  • Creating Basic Reports

    • Report Creation Overview
    • Creating Reports and Grids
    • Selecting Members for Rows and Columns
    • Setting the Point of View
    • Adding Rows or Columns
    • Saving Reports

  • Applying Advanced Member Selections

    • Selecting Members by Using Lists
    • Selecting Members by Using Functions
    • Selecting Members for the Page Axis

  • Customizing Grids

    • Selecting Multiple Database Connections in Grids
    • Attaching and Displaying External Documents in Reports
    • Displaying Planning Supporting Details
    • Setting Up Expansions to Display Detail Data
    • Creating Related Content in Reports and Books

  • Formatting Cells and Grids

    • Formatting Cells
    • Formatting Grids
    • Suppressing Data
    • Applying Conditional Formatting in Grids
    • Changing Page Settings

  • Creating Report Objects

    • Report Objects Overview
    • Adding Text Boxes and Images
    • Saving Report Objects
    • Inserting and Linking Saved Report Objects
    • Designing Headers and Footers
    • Designing Row and Column Templates

  • Adding Text Functions

    • Text Functions Overview
    • Inserting Text Functions in Text Boxes, Headings and Text Cells
    • Customizing Page Headings
    • Creating Dynamic Values with the Current Keyword
    • Displaying Row and Column IDs
    • Displaying Text Function Errors
    • Common Text Functions

  • Adding Auto Calculations and Mathematical Functions

    • Auto Calculations Overview
    • Mathematical Functions
    • Mathematical Operators in Expressions
    • Formulas Overview
    • Common Mathematical Functions

  • Creating Books

    • Books Overview
    • Previewing and Printing Books
    • Changing the Book Point of View
    • Creating Books in Workspace
    • Changing the Appearance of Books

  • Creating and Scheduling Batches

    • Batches Overview
    • Creating Batch Files
    • Scheduling Batches
    • Scheduling Batch-Bursting Options
    • Monitoring Batch Schedules