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R12xOraAUMF R12.x Oracle Applications User Management Fundamentals

Oracle Course Description:
In this course students learn concepts and functions critical to the System Administrator role in implementing Oracle User Management. Topics covered include a review of Function Security and core concepts related to User Management.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Application Developers,Functional Implementer,Support Engineer,System Administrator,Technical Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Ability to thoroughly navigate and function within the E-Business Suite applications. If you are new to the E-Business Suite, please attend R12.x Orac
Course Content:
  • Function Security

    • Users
    • Custom Applications
    • Menus
    • Functions
    • Responsibilities

  • Data Security

    • Objects
    • Grants
    • Permissions and Permission Sets
    • Data Security Policies

  • Oracle User Management

    • Role Based Access Control
    • Delegated Administration
    • Self-Service and Approval features
    • Defining Roles and Role Inheritance Hierarchies
    • Assigning Multiple Responsibilities to a Role
    • Data Security Policies
    • Define Role Category
    • Administration Privileges and Proxy Users