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R12xOraWPF R12.x Oracle Work in Process Fundamentals

Oracle Course Description:
This course demonstrates how Oracle Work in Process functions are integrated with supply chain management principals. The class shows you how to set up your environment, use multiple manufacturing modes, create discrete jobs, manage resources and material, and perform shop floor transactions.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
End Users,Functional Implementer,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Oracle Inventory,Oracle Bills of Materials,Understand production activities in various different manufacturing environments
Course Content:
  • Overview of Work in Process

    • Introduction to Work in Process
    • Manufacturing Methods
    • Overview of Creating Discrete Jobs
    • Overview of Shop Floor Transactions
    • Overview of Resource Management
    • Overview of Production Scheduling
    • Overview of Material Control
    • Overview of Cost Transactions

  • Setting Up Work in Process

    • Setting Up Integrated Oracle Applications
    • Work in Process Setup Steps
    • Defining WIP Parameters
    • Setting Profile Option Values
    • Defining WIP Accounting Classes

  • Creating Discrete Jobs

    • Creating a Discrete Job
    • Standard Versus Non-standard Jobs
    • Viewing Operations, Resources, and Material Requirements
    • Releasing, Building, and Updating Jobs
    • Importing Jobs and Schedules
    • Releasing, Building, and Updating Jobs

  • Updating Material Requirements

    • Setting Component Supply Types
    • Viewing and Updating Material Requirements
    • Outside Processing in Replenishment
    • Overview of Backflush Transactions
    • Assigning Lot and Serial Controlled Items
    • Using the Component Pick Release Program
    • Assigning Lot and Serial Controlled Items
    • Outside Processing in Replenishment

  • Assigning and Managing Resources

    • Resource Charge Types
    • Resource Usage Calculations
    • Viewing and Updating Resources
    • Resource Scheduling Setup
    • Using the Resource Workbench

  • Defining Scheduling

    • Scheduling Methods in Discrete Production
    • Lead Time Calculation Elements in Scheduling
    • Detailed Scheduling
    • Using the Job Workbench
    • Rescheduling Jobs and Schedules

  • Creating Shop Floor Transactions

    • Material Transactions in Production
    • Managing Operations
    • Creating Move and Completion Transactions
    • Creating Rework and Scrap Transactions
    • Using the Discrete Workstation
    • Moving and Completing Operations
    • Oracle Quality Integration
    • Importing Transactions

  • Work in Process Cost Transactions

    • Overview of Work in Process Costing
    • WIP Accounting Classes
    • Transactional Cost Activity
    • Cost Reporting

  • Special Topics for Work in Process

    • Generating Reports and Requests
    • E-Signature Flows in Work in Process
    • Outside Processing Workflows
    • Closing and Purging Jobs and Schedules

  • Manufacturing Execution System Workstation

    • Introduction to MES for Discrete Manufacturing
    • Administrator, Operator, and Supervisor Roles
    • Configuring the Workstation
    • Viewing Dispatch Lists and Work Content
    • Performing Job Transactions
    • Viewing Resources and Resolving Exceptions
    • Using the Supervisor Dashboard

  • Repetitive Manufacturing

    • Defining Schedules
    • Setting Repetitive Line and Sequencing Elements
    • Implementing Planning Recommendations
    • Scheduling Repetitive Records
    • Updating Repetitive Schedules