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RACGIOraSSA RAC Grid Infrastructure for Oracle Solaris System Admins

Oracle Course Description:
In this seminar, students will learn about Oracle Real Application Clusters installation and administration concepts in a Solaris environment. Students will learn how to prepare Solaris cluster nodes in preparation to accept an Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation using Oracle ASM for cluster storage needs. In addition students will learn how to create a Real Applications Cluster database using Oracle ASM for the database shared storage. Finally, Students will learn to administer Oracle Clusterware, Oracle ASM, and the Oracle RAC database in a Solaris environment.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators,System Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Some experience with Oracle Database 11g or Solaris would be helpful,Oracle Database and Oracle Solaris Administration
Course Content:

  • Oracle Real Applications Clusters Overview

    • Clustered hardware
    • Oracle Clusterware Architecture and Services
    • Oracle Clusterware Networking
    • Interconnect NIC Guidelines
    • Grid Plug and Play and Clusterware
    • Single Client Access Name
    • ASM and ASM Cluster File System
    • ASM Key Features and Benefits

  • Installing and Configuring Grid Infrastructure

    • Preinstallation Planning
    • Shared Storage Planning for Grid Infrastructure
    • Sizing Shared Storage
    • Oracle Cluster Repository
    • Managing Voting Disks in ASM
    • Grid Infrastructure Preinstallation Tasks
    • System Requirements
    • Network Requirements

  • Installation and Configuration of the Clustered Database

    • Describe the Oracle RAC database architecture
    • Background Processes Specific to Oracle RAC
    • Installing the Oracle Database Software
    • Creating the Cluster Database
    • Admin Managed versus Policy Based Managed
    • Post-creation tasks
    • Checking Managed Targets

  • Managing a RAC Database in a Solaris Environment

    • Oracle Clusterware Main Log Files
    • Cluster Verification Utility
    • Viewing Logical Contents of the OCR
    • Checking OCR Integrity
    • Configuring an ASM Volume
    • Adding an ASM Cluster File System
    • Monitoring Exadata with Enterprise Manager
    • Cell Maintenance Overview