SAP - Course Details

SAPBAIDSS(BPM130) SAP Business Architect by IDS Scheer (BPM130)

SAP Course Description:
Learn how to use ARIS Business Architect for SAP NetWeaver within project situations. Understand the core concepts like ARIS house, static and dynamic perspectives, linking (vertical and horizontal navigation within the process repository), basic administration, filters and templates. This course also covers the concepts regarding synchronization with ARIS and SAP Solution Manager.
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Solution Architects, Business Consultants, Application Consultants, Business Analysts
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Fundamental understanding of SAP,SAP01 SAP Overview,Fundamental understanding of SAP NetWeaver,SAPNW SAP NetWeaver - Overview,BPM100 Business Process Management Methodology
Course Content:
  • Overview

  • Reasons and methods for business process modeling

  • Integration within process lifecycle management

  • ARIS tools portfolio

  • Necessary roles for business process modeling and management

  • Central ARIS concepts 
       -Project setup 
       -ARIS house 
       -Linking: horizontal and vertical navigation

  • Dynamic perspective: Value added chain diagrams and event driven process chains

  • Static perspective: organization chart, terms, functions, entity relationship modeling

  • Synchronization with the SAP Solution Manager