SAP - Course Details

SAPHANA-IM(HA300e-E) SAP HANA - Implementation & Modeling (HA300e-E)

SAP Course Description:
Implement information models in SAP HANA Replicate data using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) Load data using SAP Data Services
SAP Course Duration:
Self Placed
SAP Course Target Audience:
Application Consultants,Project team members,Data Modeling Consultants
SAP Course Prerequisite:
HA100,Experience in data modeling,Basic understanding of SQL
Course Content:
  • Approaching SAP HANA modeling

  • Connecting tables

  • Advanced modeling features including 
       -Restricted & calculated measures 
       -Filter operations and variables 
       -Calculation views 
       -Introduction to SQL script 
       -SQL Script and Procedures 
       -Currency conversion

  • Full text search

  • Processing information models

  • Managing modeling content

  • SAP HANA user management and privileges

  • Trigger-based replication with SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)

  • Data provisioning using SAP Data Services

  • Uploading data from flat files

  • Data Provisioning using SAP Direct Extractor extraction (DXC)